Where were Benghazi whistle blowers during last hearings?

                 I am not accusing them of lying, I am curious where these people were in January. Why didn’t these whistle blowers come out earlier. Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton answered questions and jumped through Republican hoops. Apparently it took Republicans four and half months to realize they were unsatisfied.

            I, personally do not put much stock in a whistle blower who tells their story months after they should have. Republicans seem to forget several things. When you take a post overseas there is an element of risk that comes with it. That the same Republicans who required another set of hearings voted for a funding cut on the State Department budget. It was almost half a BILLION DOLLARS, they denied Secretary of State Clintons request for an increase in budget and their actions caused the loss of 300 embassy security personnel. They also signed an Amendment in 2009 cutting $1.2 billion from the State Department budget.

              They also neglect to mention 11 raids on embassies/consulats and almost 60 deaths in those raids during Bush’s tenure. Not one Republican called for Congressional hearings nor did a Democrat. This is a Republican full court press to make President Obama and Democrats look bad. They are attempting to make it even more difficult for the President to accomplish his second term agenda. As well as set Democrats up to fall in 2014 election.

                The Republican party’s hate for President Obama is causing them to act more childish then normal. Not to mention if Hillary Clinton decides to run in 2016, there’s is not a Republican who can beat her. Republicans are not confident enough in gerrymandering and voter purges to try to beat her. The shame of it is, if Republicans stopped being extremist they might garner more votes. But taking away true rights unites the people against you.

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