Todays soccer practice.

           I really enjoy coaching soccer. To see these girls improve with each practice is very satisfying. I started as an assistant coach last spring, took over as head coach in the fall and we have been on an intensive learning curve. They were way behind.

            Of course we have one girl who was the star when she was younger and has not adjusted get game. Every 2 or 3 practices she will start arguing with one of the coaches, she is 12. She started today during our one chip and one touch passing drill. So I asked her if she ever watched soccer, she informed me that she did not. So I told her before she argued again to watch a soccer game or research it, this way she is arguing intellegently. She likes to argue but doesn’t like being wrong. Very difficult personality.

           We of course start with cardio, move into ball control drills, then we do some offense and defense drills, with the goalie mixed in. 3 major focuses today were footwork for the goalie, defensive positioning and recieving, turning and shooting. In between we worked on our defenders winning the ball, then dribbling up a bit and passing to a mid. This is the first year the defenders are being involved on offense.

              A lot of our focus has been on passing, one touch passing and shooting. Each practice we are working on our execution and it is really coming together. These girls are making huge strides and I am proud to be able to guide them. Our defense is solid, except our tendency to give up breaks. We play more make up defense than I like. That is only because of our lack of speed.

              At the end of practice we always have a scrimmage, putting to use what we went over in practice. They are really putting together everything they have learned. I can’t wait to see how this comes together over the next few weeks. My main objective us to make these girls good enough to start when they get in high school. There are a few who have a lot of talent. I can’t wait to read about them in the sports section.

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