The Stock Market closes at an all time high today, but where are the jobs?

              The DOW Jones closed at over 15,000 today to set an all time high. What does this mean? It means the rich get richer. It means that corporations are making a lot of money but not hiring. It should mean that our economy is fully recovered, but it doesn’t.

               For several year Democrats have expressed concern over the disconnect between Wall St. and Main St. Companies continue making money, but either are not hiring or hiring part time. This is Reaganomics at its finest. Get more work out of less people to maximise short term profits. This is at the expense of their employees. Despite the climb on Wall St., it seems as if the wealthy are sitting on their money.

                Over the last 5 years all gains economically have gone to the top 7%. That is to go along with tax breaks and loopholes that have accumulated about 2 trillion dollars to our National Debt since Bush put them in place. Corporations are not just making record profits, setting records on Wall St., but are also walking away with about $200 billion in corporate welfare. Like they really need it.

             Republicans defend these wealthy crooks like it was truly their job. They fight to lower taxes and turn the attack back on the poor. Wall St. Is making money, but where us it going. It is not going into the economy, it is not helping fix what these goins nearly destroyed. No, it is sitting in the pocket collecting dust. Why would they reinvest their money in America.

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