Making guns with a 3D printer.

          Apparently some guys are making guns put of the polymer plastic used by a 3D printer. They are putting this on the internet. This is illegal per a law made by then President Reagan. He made it illegal to make guns put of plastic or any other type of material that a metal detector cannot detect.

            The only necessary metal is a nail that is used as a firing pin. Bit in order to make this legal they put a 6 ounce cube of metal in there. Although it is not necessary for the gun to fire. So now the White House cannot detect these guns and people can possibly get close to the President or Congressmen.

            There is a political agenda behind this. It is a Libertarian political ideology that is aimed at circumventing Federal Government laws. The goal is to show how technology can circumvent laws until government simply becomes irrelevant. This is about enabling individuals to create their own sovereign space. The Government will increasingly be on the sidelines. It is about creating the new order out of the crumbling shell of the old order.

           This is to make government to feel impotent and irrelevant.  It is an anarchists way to dispel the government. Of course the NRA agrees with this, because it coincides with their armed revolution. The NRA wants to train the American citizen to fight a tyrannical government. The insane part of this is that Republicans support this. The NRA is a lobbyist, how do they get away with doing this kind of insane stunt.

          Democrats need to look at the NRA as a terrorist organization. They are pushing people towards killing each other in the name of a lie. Republicans supporting this is baffling, they are supposed to uphold and protect our Constitution not try to rip it into pieces. Gun Control can and will get done regardless of the NRA’s irresponsible stunts. President Obama’s life is in danger because of money, not because of us protecting our children. Please stop these insane ideas and support our Democracy.

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