Treasonous calls for armed rebellion from new NRA president and Tea Party.

              Jim Porter was just introduces as the new president of the NRA. He said that President Obama is a fake president. He also called the Civil War that war of Northern aggression. He seems like a wise pick for the position. He is also calling for armed rebellion if states enact gun control of any kind.

                This is the same organization that thinks it is a good idea to store a gun in your childs room. That seems like a really wise idea. It is odd they would mention something like this just days after a 2 year old was shot dead by his 5 year old brother. These are the people calling for an armed revolt because their rights are being infringed upon.

            The sad part is that a good portion of Republicans support this Koch Brothers edict. The Koch Brothers fund and feed ideas to the Tea Party movement, where the armed revolution talk started. They believe that any kind of background checks or common sense gun laws are an infringement of their rights and reason enough for an open revolt.

                 This is treason, calling for open revolt against s Democratically elected government where both parties are represented. Anyone that is inciting this or financially supporting this should be incarcerated. People can get hurt and most likely will with the right wing firing up these jack wagon nut jobs with assault rifles. Any Republican calling for this should be relieved of their seat and face charges for inciting a riot. Of you want to play with fire, you most assuredly deserve to be burned.

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