Immigration reform, something needs to be done.

             Whenever I am around people the conversation usually turns to politics. I think this has to do with the fact that I am a progressive Democrat, who is quite liberal. Many of the people I end up debating are of course Republicans, whose ideals are a direct contradiction to mine. Which I am fine with, but please if you are going to rip up President Obama and his policies please speak the truth about his policies not his personality. His policies affect our day to day life, not his attitude.

              Today I was told that this person didn’t like Obama, it had nothing to do with his policies or what he did to help us, it is because he is arrogant. I did not like George W. Bush, not because he was a simple minded fool, but because he lied to us and nearly brought our country to its knees. I supported his going into Afghanistan, wrong or not, we needed to get Bin Laden. I did not support Iraq, because I didn’t think we needed to be there or fight 2 wars at once.

              The disturbing part of the conversation was about immigration reform. It was said that we should deport all of them, although the children born here are legally American citizens. While I do agree with the fact that everyone should be required to learn English, I think deporting anyone other than criminals is dumb. That is not the answer. A pathway to citizenship seems like a better course. Give them 5-7 years to be naturalized. If we make them citizens they will pay taxes, creating more revenue for government.

               It is ignorant thinking like this that is causing the polarization on every issue. The only issue Republicans will agree with Democrats on is making sure there are no delays at airports. They will let the Sequester take food away from kids and cancer medicine from the elderly but don’t make a Congressman wait for a flight. We are moving from one created issue to another so Republicans can avoid working for the people. I don’t know the right way to take care of immigration reform, but I can assure you deporting them all isn’t the answer.

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