Learning how to fly fish.

               I have been out fishing 3 times this year. I am learning how to fly fish. It is not exactly easy. It is a lot of fun. You keep busy and can really see when the fish is going to hit the lure. I have been to 6 different spots and have not had much luck.

                  I have been having a hard time finding consistency with my cast. Sometimes I snap it, sometimes I don’t let the line come all the way back before coming forward and my presentation is pretty weak. On top of that when I get a bite I am having a hard time setting the hook. I have missed at least 5 or 6 fish because of my inability to set the hook.

          I have only caught 2 fish this year. As 7 inch bass and a 5 and half inch trout. After a while today I switched to a red worm and bobver set up and I was getting slit of bites just couldnt get anything in. Although while fly fishing I had about an 8 inch trout on the line but I fell trying to grab the line and lost it. I did curse out loud, but I at least know I can catch them.

               This fishing season has started slow because of the slow warm up in our area. The fish weren’t biting really well but are now starting to hit. So I will keep at the fly fishing and hopefully get better and catch fish regularly. But I guess we shall see.

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