Good news in the jobs report.

             During April we added165,000 jobs. Which helped push the unemployment rate down to 7.5%, the lowest number in over 4 years. In addition the jobs numbers from February and March have been modified, adding more jobs.

               The public sector added 176,000 jobs, while the public sector, government, lost 11,000 jobs. We only lost jobs in the government and in construction. Asians were the only ethnicity to rise in unemployment claims. 16-19 years goldsmith dropped slightly and post 9/11 Vets dropped slightly as well.

             The major concern despite the addition of jobs is how well they are paying and if they are offering benefits of any kind. Many of the jobs that have been added were part time affording no benefits to the employees. But despite these concerns it shows that our economy is recovering, all be it slowly.

            If Republicans jump on board and work with President Obama this recovery would be much stronger. Despite Democrats best efforts the Sequester, which Republicans liken to austerity, which they want, is hurting our economy. The Sequester is causing a loss in government, federal, state and local jobs. These are normally good paying jobs, with stability and benefits. If we grew even slightly there we would very in a much better position.

             If you listen to the conservative windbag Rush Limbaugh, you would hear him downplaying these numbers. That is after years of blaming Obama for job losses and taking March’s numbers and touting them as a Democrat failure. It is sick how the right wing wishes failure so bad on our President, that they are happy when people don’t have jobs. But that is just another difference between liberals and conservatives, liberals care.

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