Boston Marathon bombing facts keep unfolding.

               Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev bombed the Boston Marathon, car jacked a man and held him hostage, shot an MIT security officer and had a shoot-out and threw IEDs at police. Tamerlan was shot and killed and Dzhokhar is currently in custody. 3 other individuals have been arrested in connection with this tragedy.

             Three things happened during investigation that now make more sense. 2 people were arrested and detained on immigration violations the day after suspect was caught. The shutdown of UMASS Dartmouth. The FBI searching a landfill, we now know what they were looking for and that they found it.

           The 2 individuals were in court via video conferencing. The judge told them they were being held because of expired student visas. They were told at first hearing that they weren’t charged with a crime. By the afternoon they and 1 other were charged with a crime. Both were from Kazakhstan. The three young men went to hos dorm room and took a laptop and a bookbag. The bookbag contained the remains of fireworks, fireworks were said to have been used to help create bombs. The reason the school was shut down the same down the FBI interviewed third suspect. The FBI was at the landfill because the other 2 told them when and where they dumped the bag. The FBI has found the laptop. Tie 2 young Kazahk men were charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice and can get up to 5 years in prison. The other kid was charged with lying to law enforcement and can get 8 years in prison. All three are eseentially accused of blocking the investigation into the Boston bombing by lying and hiding evidence.

            Dzhokhar has reportedly told interagators than Tamarlan built the bombs in his house. His house was paid for by Section 8 housing. It also calls into question how much his wife knows. He also told the FBI that he and his brother would watch Al Qaida leaders speeches on line. So of course conservatives and Republicans are jumping to conclusions.

         John Mccain came out speaking about people from known terrorist regions immigrating into the U.S. and how we should no longer allow it. Democrats and Republicans cannot play politics on immigration reform. They need to move forward with a reasonable plan and present it to President Obama. We cannot blame a whole group of people for the actions of a few. That is un-American.

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