Todays soccer practice.

             I am really proud of the way our girls have responded. Even though we lost Saturday, these girls played hard. Todays practice was our best practice so far. The girls were paying attention, really running through the drills and there were no complaints.

            We put in a lot of cardio work today. We did 2 laps, jog half the field, sprint the other half 3 times and 3 sets of suicides. They did jumping jacks, squats, mountain climbers and lunges. Trying to strengthen their legs and get them used to playing tired. All the while telling them how to breathe, in through the nose and out of the mouth. That is the hardest part for anyone, bit they are catching on.

               We moved on to a couple of one touch passing drills. Trying to teach them to use passing lanes, receive the ball and immediately pass it. Trying to get them used to leading the other player. We had them in pairs dribbling up the field passing ahead of the team mate, then sprinting to get ahead. Then set them up using cones as defenders, they had to pass between them, while leading each other.

                 Then we set them up one between the corner and the goal passing to them top of the penalty box. One girls came from the sideline to receive the pass and pass in to another girl coming from the other sideline, who would then shoot it in off of one touch. We of course had the goalie in, with her using the arc drill. After each pass they all attacked the goal. They did quite well with it.

                We then did some one on one defense. We made a ten yard box and let the girls go. We had defenders attacking attackers and so forth. We are trying to improve the fullbacks ball handling and passing skills, so we can improve our build up skills. We also want our offensive players to be able to switch from offense to defense quickly.

          We ended with a scrimmage. In the scrimmage we brought the defenders all the way up to the attack zone. The idea was to get them to know when to drop and when to aggressively defend. Plus we were working on their cardio. We saw a couple of crosses, 4 give and goes and some solid skills across the board. I walked away a very happy coach. They seem to very catching on and changing how they think of practice. Now I just have to keep them motivated.

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