Republicans are afraid of President Obama’s political arm.

               President Obama’s political machine has run over and through his Republican counterparts. Republicans are fretting that it could help Democrats win the House next year. The Presidents political arm, Organizing for Action, can’t legally spend most of its money on elections. Officials insist it won’t play directly in the 2014 midterm elections. Republicans of course, think that’s a lie. They are convinced the OFA will find other, indirect ways to help Democrats capture the House and allow Obama to finish his presidency unchecked by Republicans.

                President Obama recently told a grass roots group springing out of his campaign that they can play an equally powerful role in helping  his ambitious second term agenda come to fruition. Addressing, the fledgling group OFA for the first time, he sought to temper concerns among Republicans and good governance groups that questioned whether the groupeas really seeking to help Democrats recapture the House in 2014. Why that would matter is beyond me. Republicans are constantly getting money from special interest and billionaires, why would this concern them.

              Hours earlier President Obama held a meeting with the House Republicans aimed at laying the ground work for compromise. He said that he sensed a genuine desire among Republicans to get things done. He said that many Republicans are just as weary of the grinding gridlock that has ground any progress on major fiscal issues to a halt.

                  Recently the RNC released its “Growth and Oppurtunity Project”, a document that RNC chairman Reince Priebus about his partys 2012 failings. It was also called an autopsy. It seemed to throw the party and its supporters into absolute chaos. Rush Limbaugh insisted Republicans remain as conservative as ever. Evangical leaders worried that a modernizing GOP may alienateits Christian base. Why? A political party needs to evolve its ideas to stay relevant or they will hlfind themselves in the dustbin of history. Conservative commentater, David Frum,  lamented the lack of new policy ideas in the document.

            Tie goal of the recent one day Obama Campaign Legacy Conference wad to rethink the mechanics of American politics. Campaigns usually scatter the day after the election, many think that is wasteful. All the mire so with a team that produced 155 million door knocks, phone calls and 1.8 million new voter registrations,  not to mention 332 Electoral College votes. So OFA wants to continue these tactics. Running ads in districts that data shows Republicans are out of step with constituentson Gun Control, as well as other issues. The OFA will use well well honed campaign tactics to achieve policy goals.

               The Republican party would not be in as much election trouble if they did more for the people. They continuously side with special interest groups, lobbyist and whoever gives them the most money. The people seem to suffer with every decision they make, Sequester, VAWA, Universal Background Checks, Raising Minimum Wage and Equal Pay for Women to name a few. But they help pass a bill that stops airport delays, which affects lawmakers, and are fighting the SEc on corporations disclosing political donations. Not to mention their Super Pacs and campaign donations from large corporations. To me this would just level the playing field.

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