Elderly cancer patients not getting treatments because of Sequester.

              While Congress is worrying about our helium problem, the lack thereof, the elderly are being turned away for their oncology drugs. We cannot fix this but we get an almost imeadiate fix for something that affects them. Congress was inconvenienced by delays in travel because of the Sequester. Republicans jumped right on board to fix this.

              An elderly person on Medicare is being turned away for oncology drugs, this sentence keeps repeating in my head. How can Republicans, Tea Party and conservatives expect to be taken seriously. They are willing to harm people to cut a deficit they helper create. Instead of raising taxes a person parent may pass on because they are waiting for medicine and treatment.

            The Sequester affects even more. President Obama wanted to spend more on early childhood education. Right now we are at the lowest spending on education in almost 2 decades. This is what the Sequester is affecting. People on unemployment long-term will be getting a 10-12% cut in their benefits.

           Instead of Democrats standing strong on the FAA cuts and trying to get rid of other Sequester cuts, they again gave Republicans what they want. They agree to fixing air travel problems that inconvenience Congressman, but didn’t fight for seniors or children. Our lawmakers let us down again. The self serving Republican Caucaus will not raise taxes, work to help seniors, poor people, children or the unemployed but they will get a bill done in a week if it inconveniences them.

               Our government system works, when Republicans want it to. Why wasn’t this bill filibustered? Why weren’t lawmakers forcing pork projects into this bill? How did this bill pass, but a bill that was supported by 90% of Americans didn’t? The country is catching on to the party of NO. There is an election coming and I can guarantee I will do my part in unseating as many Republicans as I can.

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