A new level of stupid- the right-wing(nuts) response to Obamas self-defferential muslim joke


As you probably already know, among his numerous jokes at the White House Correspondents Dinner Obama made a joke to the effect of “I’m not the strapping young muslim lad I once was”.

And the right-wing(nut) “news” sources and blogs exploded. Obama “admits” he’s a muslim.

And of course a grand conspiracy- the AP dared to omit this joke from some of their coverage.

Never mind the two simple reasons for the AP likely omitting it:

1) They weren’t reporting every word from his mouth


2)They know damn well that the right-wing(nuts) will be quoting, as “proof” that Obama is a muslim every piece from the evil liberal media that quotes it.

If anyone wonders why America is in the shape it’s in a substantial part of the answer is really quite simple. We have too many people in this nation who profess fear and hate while wrapping themselves…

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