Why is the Republican party becoming irrelevant?

              It is s good question and the RNCs autopsy exposed some of them. They document said that they Republican party needs to focus on getting more involved with minorities, most importantly Latinos. What Republicans seemed to miss is that the autopsy didn’t cover any important issues.

                 The Republicans problems run deep. They are weak on policy, weaker on the economy and absolutely horrible when it comes to women. There hasn’t been a Republican policy that the majority of people have backed. In fact 90% of the people supported Universal Background checks, which Republicans shot down almost unanimously. What exactly have the conservatives done for our economy? It is almost universally agreed that the Republican obstruction has made our recovery more difficult. Women, just look up legitimate rape, Equal Pay for Women and VAWA. Republicans and the Tea Party voted against equal pay for women and VAWA.

                  They say that President Obama and the Democrats refuse to reach across the aisle. Although the Manchin/Toomey Gun Bill was bipartisan. President Obama taking Republicans to dinner to try to break the gridlock. Republicans do not care to work for the people, they work for their corporate sponsors. Each one of the Republican Senators that voted against Universal Background Checks recieved donations from the gun lobby. They are more afraid of the NRA then the people who put them in office.

                   For the Republican party to remain relevant in politics today they need to change their policies. Policies get people involved not talking points. When the Republican party does this, that is when they may gain support from not just minorities, but everyone.

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