Immigration Reform, needs to be done, but how?

                    Talking to people about immigration reform is an extremely touchy subject. People have some very odd beliefs. One that you hear that is very disturbing is to send them all home. Where is their home? It is here, they do not understand that. We all come from immigrants.

             Immigrants are important to our economy. They do a lot of seasonal work that other Americans think they are to good for. Although many have come into America illegally, they are in many cases productive members of society. I personally do not know the process of naturalization but how would someone here illegally know it either.

                  I agree with naturalizing all people that are here illegally, aside from criminals who should be deported. We most certainly should have a pathway to citizenship. I like what has been proposed so far and believe that it can work. Give them 5 years to take the citizenship test, require them to Americanize, including learning English. They should then receive their Social Security numbers and have them start paying taxes. If they do not do this in 5 years they will be deported. They need not pay for any of this because once they become tax payers it will increase governments revenue.

                    I may have worded it crudely, but it is a basic idea that can be improved. Republican and Democrat lawmakers alike do not seem to have the werewithal to do what needs to be done. There are many good people here illegally who deserve the same chance at the freedom we all have. For the sake of these people and all Americans please get this done.

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