Our First Soccer Game.

                 Let me start by saying that I am very proud of these girls. They played hard, did most of what we asked and they really left it on the field. They played good physical soccer, they passed pretty well and in most cases we played strong defense. Now to the criticisms.

           Whenever we had a breakdown on defense we paid for it. Not much communication on defense, which caused some defenders to be out of position. Our resident ball hog got moved from defense to forward and mid, with below average results. She would try to beat 4 defenders instead of passing it and it cost us. We had some willy nilly kicks, just to no one in particular. They were really winded despite our cardio work, so we have to keep at it.

               The first quarter we cane out and jumped on top 1-0. We played strong defense and controlled the possession for the majority of the quarter. Second quarter we were doing pretty good, controlling the ball, being smart and working together. We gave up one break and they tied it up at 1-1. Third quarter we started losing control, maybe frustration, this team was good. We made some mistakes,  didn’t control the ball and gave up another goal, 2-1 them. Fourth quarter started off with one girl dominating the ball, trying to take on 3 or 4 people at once. Like I said it cost us. I think the other girls got frustrated and stayed back on defense instead of attacking. But everyone was out of position, we gave up 2 goals. We lost 4-1.

             Despite losing 4-1 we did a lot of things well. They worked really hard, there weren’t to many kids making excuses and they really cared about it. They really improved from our scrimmage. I REALLY AM PROUD OF THEM. I can’t wait to get back to practice Tuesday and build on this. We are going to improve and cannot wait to see it.

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