What should we do about Syria?

           President Obama said that if chemical weapons were used in Syria that would be too far. As of yesterday our intelligence agency said they are somewhat sure that chemical weapons were used. We are somewhat sure, not verbatim, but you get the gist.

          Senator John Mccain believes that we need to do something now. Thousands of Syrians have been killed in what started as a peaceful uprising. But how often to uprisings stay peaceful? The Assad government was asked by many other countries to step down, he simply refuses. If it is found that they definetly used chemical weapons on their own citizens, we most certainly need to do something.

             But of course here again is where Republicans and Democrats differ. Republicans seem to believe we need to be more involved, possibly leading to another military intervention. They don’t seem to realize that President Obama is winding down 2 wars, we are not ready to start another. Is the right thing to arm the rebels? Like we did in Afghanistan, we saw how helping those rebels affected our country. 9/11 terrorist attacks, just to remind some.

             Democrats want to take a lighter tone and try to force them to the table. If we can somehow stop the killing we can possibly help Syria without losing American lives. But and it is a big but, if they used chemical weapons on their people we may have no choice. But can our country or our economy handle that.

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