Todays soccer practice.

               Today was a good practice. We readjusted and simplified what we want them to do. The girls really responded in this practice. This was easily our best practice this spring. Our first game is Saturday against a team that hasn’t lost in 6 years. This team we are playing practices daily and travel the along the upper east coast.

           I used the acronym K.I.S.S., keep it simple sister to try to make it easier. So we went back to what we preached last year. Control the ball, if we control the ball the other team doesn’t have it. The less the other team has the ball, the less they can score. Smart passes, pay attention to were you are kicking the ball. They have a tendency to just kick the ball.

              We also switched to a 3-2-2 formation and told the girls it was important to take advantage of every scoring oppurtunity we get. We need to have a stronger defensive team to make up for our lack of speed. We are trying to get our defenders to start the buildup but we are weak ball handlers back there. We saw some improvement in that aspect today,  but it is a work in progress.

          Today we saw more life in these kids that at any time this spring. Hopefully this transfers over to the game Saturday. We have a long way to go and 9 games to play. Hopefully we will see improvements each week and be competetive. Last spring they lost 8 games and tied 1. The losses were not close, hopefully we can change that.

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