Can gun violence really be blamed on movies and video games?

             The NRA and Republicans continuing trying to blame movies and video games for mass killings and gun violence. I know when I play a violent video game no one geyser killed but the fake people on the screen. Just like watching a violent movie doesn’t cause any deaths, other than the fake on screen ones.

               Our society has changed drastically over my lifetime. Morals have changed, that alone causes people to think differently. We live in a society where the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. Where the poor are demonized as leeches who suck the life out of government and the rich made all their money by themselves. All of these things contribute to a desperation in the poorer communities that causes a lot of crimes.

                Mental illness also seems more prevelant. Remember Reagan throwing people out of hospitals that helpers with mental issues. Many people do not have health insurance because they cannot afford it. This leaves people in a bad spot, unable to get help or medicine to assist them with their mental issues. Thus also leads to violent crimes.

               Drugs are also very common in the poorer neighborhoods. Selling drugs seems to some to be their way out of struggles. The upward mobility in this country is almost non-existent. Corporations are making millions, but still not hiring, and if they do it is part time with no benefits. This leaves people scrambling just as bad.

            The 2 common denominators here are poor people and guns. But mass killings aren’t being done by poor people. That removes one denominator and only leaves GUNS. If we take steps to make it more difficult to get a gun, just like Republicans are doing with abortion, maybe we can prevent deaths. Background checks can weed out criminals and others with mental problems. Assault Weapons Bans keeps those weapons in police and soldiers hands. High Capacity Magazine Bans save lives by making them change clips.

             Democrats cannot let the NRA win on this. We must bring it up fir vote again very soon and show them the people are important. 90% of us want it and we will get it. We are Democracy, corporations are not.

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