Conspiracy theorists attack the Boston Marathon Bombing.

               Conspiracy theorist said that the Aurora movie shootings didn’t happen. Sandy Hook didn’t happen and now of course the Boston Marathon Bombing didn’t happen. They did happen but it was the Federal government that staged these tragedies. They did this in order to take away our civil liberties.

             On the first day of the Boston Marathon Bombings a reporter fronlm Infowars said that it was a false flag. He said that over the loudspeaker before the bombings someone was telling people to stay calm. The reporter also again said that this was an attack on our civil liberties. That our Federal government staged this tragedy.

           Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist, has called each of these  tragedies a false flag. That is another way of saying the government set it up. Or if it did happen the government did it to enslave us all. He says the government lies out of hand. We are not supposed to know the astronauts that were killed. The guy is way off his rocker. He also said that President Obama us the global head of Al Qaida.

             A Republican State Representative from New Hampshire, posted a statement on Glenn Becks Facebook page. INFOWARS; PROOF BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING WAS STAGED. She goes on to compliment Glenn Beck saying the Boston Marathon happened just as he said it would. It was a black ops terrorist attack. When interviewer by her local paper she stuck by her words and asked if they were blind.

                  Republicans are looking to stick everything on the President. They have always had the nutbags to deal with, just like the zealots. Democrats have more of the bleeding heart liberal stigma. Either way we need to deal with our problems intelligently. We cannot blame all Muslims and Islamists for the acts of some. People in the Republican party and Fox News are saying that it is time to start profiling all Muslims.

                What I fear here is a radical move toward interment camps. We need to rise above this and not let the terrorists win by causing us to change our way of life. This was an attack by people who lived here. They were sick and crazy. Do we punish all white people when they go out and nurser 20 kids, no Republicans work to make sure crazies like that can keep getting guns. We cannot let Republicans do what they want to do hear. They will destroy the First Amendment and destroy Democracy as well.

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