Republicans say Benghazi was caused by the Secretary Clintons oversight.

                  A Republican committee released their findings on the Benghazi incident. They said that then Secretary Clinton removed more security forces than were financially necessary. President Obama and Democrats say that it is a partisan report that did not follow Congressional rules.

           This has been a witch hunt from the beginning. For a Republican only report to be released says a little about the findings. It says that they did not feel confident in letting Democrats in on the process. Why, you might ask? Because they knew the findings of this report were flawed and skewed to reflect the outcome they wanted. With Democrats on board they could not do that.

               Benghazi was a tragic loss of American lives, no doubt about it. But where was the Republican outrage at 11 such incidents when George W. Bush was in office? There were over 50 lives lost in that time. Yet there was not one Congressional hearing. Republicans also fail to mention that they had voted to reduce funding for security at outposts like Benghazi. Of course the conservatives will never say that out loud.

                 What they saw was a chance to smear Hillary Clinton. They know that if she decides to run in 2016 none of their candidates can beat her. They saw an oppurtunity and took. They politicized American deaths just like they do with everything else. If they do not work for the people they will continue to marginalize their own party.

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