Religious Fervor caused Boston Marathon Bombing.

                Dzhokhar Tsarnaev said he and his brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev were motivated by religious fervor. He said that did not have any contacts with any torture organizations overseas. He said that they learned how to make bombs online.  Through an Al Quadea magazine called Inspired.

          He also cited American wars with Afghanistan and Iraq as part of his reason. If he was not in contact with any international terrorist organizations, how did it come to this? What finally pushed it over the edge? What religion would require their followers or even make their followers think that killing innocents is right? None, it is zealots that cause the pollution of a religious belief.

              The authorities are not going to get much out if this kid. Most pundits tend to believe the older brother was the ring leader. I am sure more will come out as they interview more people and continue investigating their personal property. In truth I do not believe this could have been stopped. There were not any communications or anything else that would alert the FBI.

           Democrats and Republicans will fight over immigration reform, with both sides using this as a reason for their stance. The truth is the punishment will be the way to stop people from doing these things. I really want to commend the FBI, ATF, Secret Service and all the Police in the Boston area on a job well done. Also the people who cooperated with the authorities. We will get to the bottom of this and maybe that will help prevent more attacks.

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