NRA paid Senators to vote against Gun Control.

             All but 3 of the Senators who torpedoed gun control measures received money from firearm lobbyist, according to new analysis by the Guardian and the Sunlight Foundation. Some, like Republican Dan Coats,  registered donations as recently as 3 weeks ago. President Obama and Gabby Giffords,  have accused the Senate of being in thrall of gun money.

               Campaign disclosure show the group who voted against gun control were direct recipients of gun money. The NRA alone has given as much $800,000 to 40 of the Senators who voted against the amendment. Much of that money was given in the leadup to the last election, according to the Sunlight Foundation figures. Information for the period since the Sandy Hook shouting is harder to come by because many quarterly filings due out on last Tuesday have been delayed by the suspected ricing attack on President Obama and members of Congress.

               Documents also show a surge in the NRAs lobbying arm in the months following Sandy Hook. They registered a record $2.7 million in cash during January and February. Further disclosures showing the scale of recent donations, particularly to politicians in the House of Representatives are expected soon.

                   This certainly wasn’t the will if the people. But the influence of the NRA and big money apparently trumps the will of the people. The proposed amendment had nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment, the Bill if Rights or good people who own guns. It was an effort to protect the public,  especially innocent children, from those who use guns to kill people. The right to bear arms is not the right to kill people.

               Senate majority leader Harry Reissue effectively pulled the bipartisan gun control bill after the background check amendment failed to gain enough support. He and other Democrats vowed to renew their push for new gun laws in the months ahead. Both sides of the debate, were gearing up for a protracted legal battle that could last through the next Congressional election. Democrats seemed to acknowledge the amendments failure meant they would not be able to pass any gun bill in the short term. Of course opponents, Republicans and a couple Democrats, said the measure would infringe upon 2nd Amendment rights. They also.say background checks would lead to a gun registry.

               This bill is a slap in the face of the American people. It also is a signal that our Democracy is failing us. The NRA us protecting the interest of gun manufacturers, not the people. The fact that these Senators voted against may not even harm their electable status. Many do not face reelection for several years and they are relying on the American public having a short memory. We will make sure no one forgets.

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