Hillary Clinton in 2016.

               If Hillary Clinton wasnt running against President Obama I would have voted for her, as would have many others. She just ran into a steamroller. I honestly believe Hillary would make an excellent President, but I thought President Obama would be better. I am very pleased with President Obama.

                  In a current Gallup Poll, which could be trash, she had a 64% favorable rating as opposed to 32% who didn’t like her. Vice President Joe Biden  who might also run, depending on who they think will win, is at 45% favorable and 42% unfavorable. 9 out of every 10 Democrats look at Hillary Clinton favorably. Compared to Chris Christie, Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan, Hillary beat them all. The only close one is with Governer Chris Christie and she beats him by 3 percentage points. V.P. Hidebound bests all but Christie,  but they are close races.

              Hillary had stepped back from politics when she stepped down as Secretary of State. Many believe she did this to prepare for her run for President. She recently came out in support of gay marriage, as are several other senators. She is strong on foreign policy and defense. She has a good record on education. She is a warrior for the middle class.

           In 2016 my vote will go to Hillary Clinton. She will make a fantastic President and continue pulling our country put of the doldrums. We will be stronger with her than without. I hope we can continue improving our country and helping our people, I believe Hillary can do just that.

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