Senator Lindsey Graham has warped view of Constitution.

                   Senator Lindsey Graham seems to think the U.S. Constitution begins and ends with a very crimped interpretation of the 2nd Amendment. His view mandates that any person can buy any weapon he or she wishes without any kind of government regulations. We saw what happens when Government Regulations are removed during our financial collapse. Most people, aside from the NRA and their acolytes, do not interpret the 2nd Amendment this way. Of course to Graham and many of his fellow Republicans, the rest of the Constitution is not important. Guen doesn’t agree with the fact that if authorities fail to read a suspect, no matter what his crime is,  his Miranda rights, it is a violation of the 5th and 6th Amendments. Apparently these two amendments are not as important as the 2nd Amendment. I agree withthe public safety measure, but I didn’t vote down gun control because of my support of the Constitution like Senator Graham. Being an attorney Senator Graham, he should know better.

             Senator Graham, the conservative, strict constructionist argued that the 19 year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombing should very treated as an enemy combatant and denier his due process rights under the Constitution. Without these rights granted to all defendants pursuant to Miranda, anything the suspect may say to interogaters before being advised of these rights, would still be admissible in court. As a result of an exception to Miranda called the Public Safety Rule, the suspect can and will be questioned without being Mirandized. This is used to determine if there was a threat to public safety and it typically cannot last more than 48 hours.

          Were Senator Graham to have his way,  due process rights would never be afforded to the bombing suspect, although he is an American citizen. This would include his right to a civilian trial, were he designated an enemy combatant,  he would be tried by a military tribunal where the constitutional protections extended to the rest of us are virtually non existent. For Senator Graham to argue that background checks to purchase a gun violates the Second Amendment of our Constitution, only to turn around and seek to strip an American citizen of his rights, is the absolute height of hypocrisy.

             Senator Graham us obviously not very big on any part of the Constitution that protects criminals, especially not dangerous foreigners. Even if said foreigner is a naturalized U.S. citizen. Despite his willingness to toss out part of the Constitution he doesn’t like, we can rest safely, sort of. We can rest knowing that he only protects the parts of the Constitution that lobbyists pay him to protect. The NRA obviously has Senator Graham in their pocket. He protects the 2nd Amendment like it is the only amendment. Just look at how he vote against 90% of Americans to further the NRAs 2nd Amendment agenda. Strip us of our rights, but go ahead and give that terrorist a gun.

             Democrats are trying to enact gun reform to keep terrorists from getting guns. Osama Bin Laden says his terrorist cells can easily get weapons here to continue their jihad. So background checks, assault weapons bans and high capacity weapons can prevent further attacks. Yes I realize criminals will find a way to get a gun, but at least we will make it harder. I will be sure to make sure as many people know where Senator Graham stands during next election. So we will see you soon Senator Graham.

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