What rights does Dzhokhar Tsarnaev have.

           All day I have heard stories about this boy. He was just a boy next door, he followed his brother around like a puppy dog. That he integrated himself successfully into American society. They need to read him his Miranda rights, he should be treated as an enemy combatant. It goes on and on and on.

              What is bothering me, personally, is what rights does he truly have? Technically he should be protected by the Constitutional rights afforded all American citizens. Not even technically, he should. Lindsey Graham is wrong saying he should be treated as a enemy combatant. He is a citizens who because he wasn’t killed in the shoot-out deserves his day in court.

             I am ok with them not reading Miranda rights just yet. Only because he was incapacitated for the majority of the tine he has been held. Once the questioning starts they should have 48 hours and then be forced to read him his rights. I think in that amount of time they can determine whether the public is safe or not.

            The subject of possible punishment is of course going to be debated until it us ground into nothing. The boy in the days after the bombing hung out with friends saying the bombing is terrible. He did not feel bad for what he did and did not seem to care. I think the prosecuter should go for the death penalty, although life in prison would be good enough.

              This should not be a Republican, conservative, Tea Party, Democrat and liberal issue. Nor in any way should it be a political issue. Let our criminal court system work this out and he will very punished accordingly. Whatever he gets I am sure he deserves and that is something we have to live with. I also realize that myself opinion might differ had I lost someone or had a family member injured. So as I said I agree with whatever he gets, as long as he isn’t out in 20 years.

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