Chronic pain and how it affects your life.

          4 and half years ago I hurt my back at work. I had herniated a disk a l4-l5-l5-s1. I was of course in terrible pain, was falling and had radiculapathy down my right leg. I had a lamenectomy and microdiscectomy. I felt better for about a week and all the pain returned. I had a spinal stimulatir trial, had it implanted and taken back out in a 6 week period. 10 weeks later I had a spinal decompression. About 6 months ago I had a 2 level fusion with 2 disks replaced. I have had the steroid shots in the spine and trigger point injections. I have done about 3 years of physical therapy and aqua therapy.

                 I have constant pain in my back that radiates into my butte cheeks and down the right leg. My hips feel like they are deteriorating. I get burning, throbbing, pins and needles and sharp pains all through my right leg. Sometimes it is in the left leg. I get muscle spasms quite frequently in my back and there is not a moment of the day that I am not in pain.

               I fall constantly and am unable to do any of the things a person my age should do. I can’t put on my own socks or shoes and have trouble with some parts of showering. Even wiping after a bm is difficult. I can’t stand for long periods, walk for long periods or even sit for long periods.

           The worst part is the depression. At times it is suffocating.  Between being in constant pain, not being able to function properly and the workers Comp insurance it gets very difficult to get up every day. Some days I cry, I am not sure I can continue living like this. It is these moments I know I need helpbut I lost my health insurance. I just hope that something good happens so this depression will let up.

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4 thoughts on “Chronic pain and how it affects your life.

  1. I so understand your plight. It is a very difficult, challenging and draining situation – especially when a person is dealing with workers comp on top of dealing with chronic pain issues! How to get back to “life” is the question, as one must accept new reality, must adjust to it, change one’s identity and start rebuilding once’s life no matter the physical constrains… There is still life to be lived, albeit different, but there is still life to be lived :-)Good luck!!!

    1. All of that makes it even harder. To change who and what you are is difficult, but doable. It is the constant pain that wears on you, that is what is knocking me down. I appreciate what you said and I know you are right, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Thank you very much for your kind words.

  2. scubastar5

    I agree with you the constant pain changes you. I have found that I was much more irritable. I couldnt stand being around people, and I am a “people person”. The work I did suffered, my children suffered and my marriage. And I am not even close to being in the shape you are in. Depression is a tricky thing, I had to go on medicine. Have you thought about treating it that way. Also, will you qualify for disability? If so you could get insurance that way. I mean if you cant put on your socks, you shouldnt be able to work either. It makes sense to me that you would qualify?

    1. We are in the process of applying for disability. I do not have insurance, I am on workers Comp and it hasn’t exactly made it easy. I am talking to my doctors and hopefully we will figure something out but until then I have to keep my head up. Thank you very much, I truly appreciate you sharing your experience.

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