Republicans disdain for the Constitution.

                     The Republican party claims to be protectors of the American way, if our Constitution and that they understand what everyday Americans are dealing with. They tend to believe all Americans not making 7 figures or more are leeches. That we wait for the government to take care of us. The Republican party looks to their contributors for what they should vote on.

                As is evident in the recent vote on Background Checks. The Manchin-Toomey bill was week and gave the gun rights lobbyist most of what they wanted. The American public supported Background Checks by a 90% majority. Yet we couldn’t get past the filibuster stage. Why? The 46 Senators that voted against the bill revieved almost $8 million from the NRA. Senator Marco Rubio supported background checks in Florida but not in nation.

              They also voted against raising the minimum wage, which their tired excuses just don’t even tread water anymore. They voted against fair and equal pay against women. They voted against VAWA, then claimed that they did vote for it. The Republican party stands strong for the 2nd Amendment, but yet tries to trample on the 1st Amendment, trying to put prayer in public schools. They believe in states rights over Federal laws, although the Constitution says that Federal law is the law of the land.

              They are more concerned with banning abortion, which is unconstitutional, over fixing the economy. Abortion is legal until the fetus becomes viable, which is between 23 and 25 weeks. Yet Republican state after state keeps putting bans on it. They use the arguement that if we put background checks in effect because criminals will break the law anyway. But if they make abortion illegal, women will get it illegally and unsafely. But their arguement doesn’t work here because they don’t want it to.

                Democrats have been complicit in letting Republicans, conservatives and the Tea Party have their own way. President Obama tries to work for the people and Republicans and their extreme wing work against him. It is only to make him look bad. We need to back him to protect our Constitution.

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