Chechnya, the wars with Russia turned it into a breeding ground for terrorists.

              Chechens are an ethnic minority living primarily in Russia’s North Caucaus region. For the last 200 years, they have generally been governed by Moscow, though they have had varying degrees of den facto autonomy. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Chechen sepetatist launched a coordinated campaign for independence, which resulted in 2 devastating wars and an ongoing insurgency in Russia’s republic of Chechnya. Militants in and around Chechnya continue to agitate for independence, though the death of seperatist leader Shamil Basayev in July 2006 weakened the seperatist movement. However, violence in the North Caucaus has escalated since 2008. Moscow has suffered its most serious terror attack in 6 years with the bombing of the Metro station in March 2010.

                   The Chechens are a largely Muslim ethnic group that has lived for centuries in the mountainous North Caucaus region. During World War II, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin accused the Chechens of cooperating with the Nazi’s and forcibly deported the entire population to Kazakhstan and Siberia. Tens of thousands of Chechens died and the survivors were allowed to return home only after Stalin’s death.

              Russia’s disastrous war with Chechnya has witnessed butchery and savagery not seen in many years. During the 1990s massive formations of Russian tanks, artillery and aircraft pounded Chechen cities and towns to charred ruins. Since then, Chechnya has endured years of guerrilla warfare and government security sweeps in which thousands of people have been killed or disappeared. The conflict has spilled into neighboring republics in southern Russia, destabilizing an already precarious region. Guerrillas have struck deep into Russia,  killing hundreds of civilians including children. Human rights and the laws of war appear meaningless to both sides.

                 In recent years Chechen terrorists have carried out a series of attacks in Russia. These attacks were aimed at destabilizing the Kremlins hold on their small mountainous republic. Some have migrated ideologically from nationalism to radical Islam, turning up militants in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria. Experts say there is a significant distinction between Chechens who back Chechen resistance to Russian rule and the much smaller group who have embraced global jihadi theology. The Chechen rebel movement has suffered an ideological split. Most Chechens do sympathize with radical Islam.

             Regardless of any reason there is no excuse to attack innocent people, that is cowardly and any religion that agrees with it is WRONG. Our last 3 Presidents, Republican and Democrat alike, have not enjoyed dealing with this issue. Russia believes that they can do whatever they want to whoevere they want. The human rights violations cannot be breached with them. Whatever happens from here on out, Chechnya is now known by all Americans. Now it is known for true or false as a region that hates America. The flames of hate are already being fanned in America. It is a shame but this is how the ignorant work. I had a man tell me 85% of Muslims are terrorists. I said so there are only 15% women and billions of terrorists. This is the chance a group takes when attacking America, the bigots are always looking for a new target.

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