Marco Rubio’s stand against gun control.

           Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fl) says that he would like to weaken existing gun laws by decreasing the number of background checks required for people who apply for concealed carry permits. When asked during an interview with FOX News Sunday host Chris Wallace, whether Rubio’s filibuster of a bill to expand background checks to include gun shows and internet sales meant that he would also vote against a final bipartisan bill. He replied “Well to be fair, I haven’t read it in its totality. But I can tell you this, I an very skeptical of any plan that deals with the 2nd amendment because invariably these gun laws end up impeding on the rights of people to bear arms, who are law abiding citizens. They do nothing to keep criminals from buying them, criminals don’t care what the law is.”

                   Senator Rubio has supported background checks in Florida. But the background checks are for people who have concealed weapons permits. He doesn’t believe that people would honor background checks in all 50 states. He said that if someone goes to another state to buy a gun , do they have to undergo another background check or will the concealed weapons permit be den facto proof that he is not a criminal.

              Senator Rubio also backed the NRA supported concealed carry reciprocrocity, an initiative which would require concealed weapons permits to be accepted universally, across the country. This would force states with tighter permit restrictions to accept permit holders from states with looser ones. Rubio’s comments do not acknowledge that the requirements for concealed carry permits vary from state to state. States rights are a very large part of the Republican platform. It also ignores that a person can commit a criminal act after they have received a concealed carry permit. Plus, permit issuers don’t always catch criminals or the mentally unstable. A 2012 investigation that found that Rubio’s home state of Florida did not check the FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System when issuing concealed carry permits. They overlooked 1.5 million records of Americans with mental illness the database contains.

         He said focusing on gun control wasn’t the way to prevent future shootings like the one in Newtown. Instead he said the country needed to focus obser addressing violence and mental health issues in general. He cited the decline of the American family as a reason for increased gun violence in the country. His comments are in line with the NRAs position on gun control legislation. NRA Executive VP Wayne Lapierre made comments similar to Rubio’s, recently claiming that Connecticuts new gun laws have only made the law books bigger for law abiding people. Rubio’s comments aren’t suprising, in March he joined a group of Republicans that threatened to block gun control legislation in the Senate.

             Obviously Senator Rubio does not believe in the Democratic process, as 90% of Americans want some common sense gun legislation. Republicans obviously don’t care what people want, in shows in their inability to win an election. But the Democrats who voted against it are perplexing. Not listening to your cobstitutuents will get you voted out of office. So keep up the good work for the NRA, I am sure they will hire you when you are voted out of office.

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