Boston Police and FBI arrest second terror suspect.

            It seems like weeks have gone by since Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev exploded 2 bombs at the Boston Marathon Monday. The FBI asked people for pictures or videos or any information they may have. This is the most information the FBI sight has ever received.

              Last night a 7/11 was robbed, an MIT security officer was shot in the head and the bombing suspects car jacked and took a man hostage for a half hour. They released that man after getting $800 out of an ATM. They turn got into a shootout with police, exchanging about 200 rounds and throwing IEDs at the police.Tamerlan was shot by police as he ran at them and then his body wad run over by his younger brother. The police also found an IED strapped to Tamerlan.

                   Today the whole city of Boston was shut down, everyone was asked to stay in their house. The police, FBI, and SWAT were going door to door looking for Dzhokhar all day. At one point they thought they had him pinned down in a house, I do not know if he was there.

            Later in the afternoon officials told the citizens that they could leave their homes m, but to please be vigilant. A man went outside when officials said they could and saw blood on his boat. He lifted the top on the boat and saw a man covered in blood. He called the authorities, who exchanged fire with the suspect. SWAT eventually went into the boat and retrieved him. He is currently in serious condition.

               Now it comes to the prosecution. Republicans, conservatives and the Tea Party will try to make sure he isn’t tried in a civillian court. Bleeding hearts will decry the death penalty for him. I strongly believe he should face the death penalty, he took part in killing 4 people and injuring about 180. Tomorrow will bring more information and make it clearer for us, but we will never understand his motivations, nor do we need to. No terrorist organization has come forward to claim credit for this.

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