FBI has 2 suspects in Boston Marathon Bombing.

           The FBI announced today that they had 2 suspects in the Boston Marathon Bombing. They have been playing the video on a loop since they announced it. They are 2 men in dark jackets, one with a white hat, one with a black hat. It appears to me that they have dark hair and lighter skin.

          After the fiasco yesterday of news outlets saying that there were arrests. The New York Post had pictures of 2 men on their cover, showing their faces. They also reported that there was a suspect in custody and he was a Saudi national. They have not apologized for either incident of false accusation.

                Some terrorism experts seem to think these 2 suspects have had some training. They believe that because of how calm they were, they were not even looking over their shoulders. I have not heard much about it being and domestic or international terrorist attack. In my opinion, I am not an expert, it seems like a domestic attack. They keep saying how low tech the bombs are, which points away from international terrorism.

            President Obama spoke today at a prayer meeting and brought the crowd to their feet. He said how a bomb may hurt us but it will not keep us down. That is not verbatim. Boston has the full cooperation from all federal agencies, FBI, CIA,ATF, there is no organization off limits. Democrats and Republicans finally agree on something.

           Whatever ideology there is, it is sick. There is nothing I can think of that would justify bombing innocent people. It is sick and cowardly to attack like that. Attacking the unaware and those who are not trained to deal with this. It is absolutely cowardly and I hope they catch all these goons.

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