Debating a conservative is useless.

               I have a Neoconservative Republican living across the street from me. We started speaking with each other about the problems locally, which in many cases we agree on. The deterioration of our city and neighborhood and the fact that our Democrat mayor is corrupt. That we need more police to take care of our drug problem locally.

            But we started differing when he brought up illegal immigrants. His opinion is that should all be kicked out of the country, no exceptions. He said I don’t have a problem with those here legally, just with the illegals. To that I replied we should have a path way to citizenship, make 3-5-7 years, if they are not citizens in that time, they are inviting deportation. He then said that after the illegals become citizens they still don’t pay taxes, I said businesses get 7 years. He told me I was wrong. They then told me President Obama released 13,000 murderers and rapist from jail. I said that it was proved wrong by Republican star Ted Crux, I didn’t get anywhere with that.

            So we moved on to Gun Control. He informed that the House was willing to do it until President Obama started adding things. I said no he didn’t, 3 people replied yes he did. I asked what and did not get an answer. They don’t like President Obama’s gun control because it took something away from us. Even a cops wife was against gun control. Background checks are also a bad idea, no reason given.

             I then said how the economy improved under President Obama, how more jobs were greater and how he has tried to help the middle class. How Republicahs went put of their way to obstruct anything he did. He said he didn’t like President Obama because he bowed to another leader and the leader did not reciprocate in any way. I also mentioned how he gave Republicans everything they wanted on budget and they still said no. I then was pulled from the conversation because I was starting to yell.

             I am a proud liberal Democrat, but when my party is wrong I will not find a way to justify it. So as a friend once said to me, ” Argueing with a Republican is like try to cut down a tree with a butter knife. Good luck with that.” Impossible to change an opinion when it is basedon bigotry.

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