Boston is on lockdown.

          The two suspects in the Boston Marathon Bombing where involved in a shoot-out with police last night in Watertown, Ma. They also were lobbing at least one explosive at the police. The older brother, age 26 was killed last night. ER doctors said there were bullet wounds, shrapnel as well as being run over by his younger brother. He also had an IED strapped to him.

               They were refuges who moved from on Russian Republic to another. Then in the early 2000s they moved to America. One wrestled, one was a boxer and they seemed to have assimilated into everyday American life. Authorities believe they have found their social media sights and there is sympathy for Chechnyan separatists. There brothers names were Tamerlan 26 and Dzhokar Tsarnaev 19.

            Authorities are also saying that there is a third suspect. They have not released a name as if yet. Authorities also interviewed 2 other men who were at the Tsarnaev’s house.

             Authorities first asked the people in Watertown to stay in there homes. Then as the search spread out they put the whole city on lockdown. Authorities also believe they have Dhokar pinned in a home. They found blood outside the house that they believe is his. They also keep asking the press to back further and further away from the location.

            People in the media seem convinced that he is desperate. I tend to disagree, desperate people don’t shoot cops and rob 7/11s, drug addicts rob that store. To me it seems like a calculated act to draw more attention to whatever reason it was that they did this. As I said in earlier posts, I AM NOT AN EXPERT. But I think this kid is going to try to take as many people with them as he can.

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