Todays Soccer Practice

                  Todays soccer practice had some moments, both good and bad. First one of our girls turned 12 today which was a big deal for her. She has also been practicing hard and in our intra squad scrimmages she has been doing fantastic. So today I named her one of the captains. The other captains will be picked by the other coaches.

               We have been working on the girls moving without the ball. Dribbling through cones, passing across the line and then running after the pass. We are attempting to get them to lead each other with the pass. We worked on a 3 man give and go, and they continue to the goal after the pass. We are working really hard on passing the ball and moving without the ball. These have been our primary offensive focuses.

             We are only playing with an 8 player formation, so we are running a 2-1-2-2, with the 1 being an on balk defender. It is a bit of a hybrid, but we give up a lot of breaks and are not very fast. So I thought maybe this would help. Our defenders are slower and our main objective has been for them to stop the buildup, kicking it out of bounds if they have to. We are showing gradual improvement.

           We have one very good goalie and 2 below average one’s. So we are trying to get them up on their toes, use their lateral movement with the arc drill. One doesn’t want to get down for the ball and the other doesn’t want to move. I just hope these 2 come along. Our good one is a natural, she is a tall, long decent athlete.

           Thursday we are scrimmaging a team we have never beaten. In 7 attempts we tied them once, it would be a real confidence boost for our girls to beat them. We tied them last year, but we were beating them and we had a break down at the end of the game to let them tie. I am not real confident because these girls are on and off. There is no consistency, if we get consistent we will be ok.

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