Rand Paul’s blatant lie about stance on Civil Rights Act.

            During a recent appearence at Howard huiUniversity, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky) made misleading claims about his past support for the 1964 Civil Rights Act. He said, ” I’very never wavered in my support for civil rights or the Civil Rights Act. The dispute, if there is one, has always been about how much of a remedy should come under federal or state or private purview.” But that is completely untrue. During a 2010 interview with Rachel Narrow, then Senate candidate Paul came under fire for a series of comments he made criticizing the Civil Eights Act.

                When asked if he would have voted for the Civil Rights Act, Paul responded ” I like the Civil Rights Act in the sense in ended discrimination in all public domains. I am in favor of that.” The interviewer said But? Paul responded ” You had to ask but. I don’t like the idea of telling private business owners- I abhor racism l. I think its bad business to ever exclude anybody from your resturant, but at the same time, u do believe in private ownership. But I think there should be absolutely no discrimination in anything that gets public funding. That’s what most of the Civil Rights Act was about to my mind.”

                   When Maddow pressed Paul on the issue, he said he agreed with most parts of the Civil Rights Act. But that get opposed Title II, the section that made it a crime for private businesses to discriminate against customers on the basis of race. Paul said he would have tried to change the bill if he was in office at the time. Senator Paul has never reappeared on the Rachel Maddow Show, saying it was a political mistake.

                 Paul devoted almost none of his speech at the historically black college to explaining the GOPs on again, off again relationship with African American voters over the last 50 years. He spent most of the speech arguing that Republicans have always been the party of civil rights. His lecture focused mostly on the period before 1964. This is when the GOP began championing the States rights arguements of the southern whites. Paul repeatedly reminded the audience that Democrats passed Jim Crow laws in the south and that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. Also illustrating that the first black legislators and the founders of the NAACP were Republicans.

          Paul also had a bit of an awkward time reaching out to Latino voters in a speech at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce last month. This was only a day after the GOP released it s “autopsy report” recommending that they need to do better with minorities. He had a moment like this at Howard Uniblversity as well. When hectried to call out the crowd for not knowing enough about black history.

              I believe that you either support something or you dont. I don’t know if abortion would very right for me, but I am a man and it is their right to choose, so I support their right. But Senator Paul’s issue is emblamatic of the Republican partys problem. They say what they mean and then hope people forget they said it. They seem to forget about Google and Binge. Your comments are only a few keystrokes away.


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