Bomb goes off at Boston Marathon.

            2 bombs went off at the finish line if the Boston Marathon. They found 2 other improvised explosives and dismantled them. There was another one that went off at the JFK Library. As of right now they have found 23 wounded and 2 dead. Just now news came in saying the JFK library was a fire not an explosion.

               At the moment no one us absolutely sure if it was a terrorist attack or not, although pundits are learning toward it being a terrorist attack. It is being said that the expolsions were carefully coordinated and set up for maximum casualties. A witness saw 2 packages at the scene moments before the explosions.

               Police have said they were small improvised explosives. All pictures show utter chaos. The police had a very large presence on the scene because of the Marathon and reacted quickly. Also first responders were on the scene quickly and people around were trying to help injured folks. Windows were blown out on the stores around the blast.

                This is a despicable attack whether it was by terrorists or domestic terrorists. There is also an unsubstantiated rumor that a suspect is in custody at the hospital. As I said that is unsubstansiated. Anything else I will post again later.

UPDATED. I have now read that at least 57 were injured, with about 30 missing limbs.
UPDATED. Boston Police Commissioner says that there are no suspects in custody. Also they shut down cell phone reception there to stop any more detonations.
UPDATED. The number of injured stands at 86. They also believe that shrapnel was added to bombs.
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