Another aqua therapy session.

                 Another day of aqua therapy and another day of pain. It us not getting any better and I am falling regularly. We are doing the same excersizes and I don’t see any improvement. I certainly don’t feel any improvement.

                  I saw my surgeon yesterday and he said it would take up to year to see how the recovery is actually doing. He also said that he didn’t understand why I was falling. When he did the surgery he said that the scar tissue was wrapped around the nerve and that he couldn’t touch it. He said the X-rays looked good. So there is no problem with the fused part.

                 Tomorrow I have my reevaluation. So far in a month they have not seen any improvement either. The last time I went to therapy I did it for 9 straight months and they saw no improvement. This is going on 5 years, 6 surgeries and I have not gotten any better. I have metal in my back and some of the bone removed, not to mention fake disks.

                    I realize that this has been all over the place, but I just needed to write something about this. It serves as a sort of therapy. No one around me understands how this feels or even what itvdoes to you mentally. It is very hard to break out of the doldrums when there is not any good news. I need something good to help me break out of this depression. Hopefully something breaks soon.


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