First day of trout fishing is fast approaching.

                 About 3 years ago I started fishing again. I hadnt done it since I was about 20, it was a good 15 years in between. I started off taking my wife and kids, we didn’t catch much the first year. A bunch of blue gills was about all. Year 2 I didn’t go much because I was in physical and aquamarine therapy, it chewed up about 3 hours a day. Again we caught mostly blue gills, my wife did catch a 15 inch bass, we were really excited.

                   Last year I went by myself usually, my kids are a little older didn’t want to go and my wife stayed with them. I am about the worst fisherman you will ever meet. I can fish right next to a guy who is catching everything, use the same bait as him, some poles, sane everything and I will catch nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I do catch fish, just nothing overly large. I caught a lot of blue gill, some perch, trout and even a few small mouth bass. I caught my first fish on a lure and tried fly fishing.
                   I bought a fly rod and I am going to use it quite a bit this year. Last year the biggest fish I caught was about 10 inches, I want to catch a big one this year. I am really pumped and can’t wait to get out there. I will bring my fly rod and a regular rod. I will use night crawlers, meal worms and even some red worms. I will say with all seriousness that if I catch a 20 inch fish I will probably fall over.

             All that being said I have 6 days until I get out there and try to catch some fish. Maybe this is the year the fish won’t be safe when I am around. Here’s hoping.

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