The Monsanto Protection Act.

                The Monsanto Protection Act or HR 933 was signed into law about a week ago. It has many food, consumer advocates and organic farmers very upset because they believe HR933, is a give away to corporations under the cover of darkness. Here are some of the reasons people are upset about the bill.

            The Monsanto Protection Act effectively bans federal courts from being able to halt the sale of contreversial genetically modified (alarm GMO) or genetically engineered seeds (GE). No matter what health issues arise in the future the courts are now powerless. What is very upsetting is that there are not enough studies into potential health risks. Even when the studies are completed,  the courts have henna stripped of their power to do anything about it. The provisions langauge was apparently written with Monsanto. Republican Roy Blunt of Missouri, actually worker with Monsanto on a provision that in effect allows them to keep selling seeds, which will then be planted, even if they are found harmful to consumers.

                What is most disturbing is that it strips judges of their constitutional mandate to protect consumer rights and the environment. It is very dangerous because there will be no oversight into the planting or testing of genetically engineered seeds. It effectively strips consumers of any protection we might have. It also enables GMOs to evade any serious studies or regulatory reviews. Didn’t we try something like this with the banking industry. That worked really well.

               Monsanto is no stranger to our political or judicial system, especially when it comes to influencing it. 8 lawmakers own stock in Monsanto; Senator Lay Hagans ( D-NC), Representatives Dave Camp (R-MI), Joe Kennedy III (D-MA), Alan Lowenthal (D-CA), Michael Mccaul (R-TX), Jim Rennaci (R-OH, Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) and Fred Upton (R-MI). Monsanto spent nearly $6 million in lobbying in 2012 and contributed about $500,000 to federal candidates in last election.

                  There is plenty of scientific evidence to recommend caution with respect to certain kinds of genetic modification, especially if the genes involved contain antibiotic resistance. Some studies depicting problems with GMOs have been called out by other scientists as flawed. But many doctors warn against GMO foods, saying the more if them we eat the greater potential harm to our health. I will tend to believe a doctor before a scientist who maybe being paid by the industry it is refuting the study on. This is very dangerous fir Americans because GMO foods are flooding the market and we do not know the health costs.

                    I am a strong President Obama supporter, but I think he dropped the ball on this one. Republicans don’t look out for the people and Democrats really messed up on this one. They robbed us of our protection. If something goes wrong with GMOs in the future, what are our options?

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