Say no to the NRA.

                   As Connecticut pushes forward with a very progressive gun control agenda, the NRA again comes forward with more nonsense. The NRA is a gun lobbyist, they are there to help buy elected officials so gun manufacturers can get their agenda pushed through. The NRA only cares about the 2nd Amendment because it serves their needs.

             Again the NRA comes out in support of arming teachers, but are against universal background checks. So we want to put guns in the hands of teachers who already has the responsibility of teaching 35 or 40 students at a time. Do you honestly believe that is a wise idea? What if the teacher accidentily left it out? What if a kid gets their hands on it? Of they lock it in their desk, how will they get to it in time, while taking care of the kids?

                 This is not the answer. Flooding our streets with more guns, turning it into the wild west again. These are radical answers from a radical group that will make money from more guns getting sold. So do you think this is a good answer? The answers should come from people who do not have anything gain from it. Conflict of interest anyone?

                As President Obama, Harry Reissue and Democrats try to push forward with gun control, Republicans of course threaten to filibuster any kind of gun control bill. So again do Republicans have the peoples interest in mind? If the NRA is allowed to win this battle it will set a very disturbing precedent.  It will say that money means more than 20 dead children, it means more than your kid or mine. That is unacceptable.

          The NRA needs to learn their place. Republicans need to realize the people will remove them from office if they do not work for us. In 2014 we need to show them that gerrymandering, voter suppression, lobbying or whatever they throw at us, IT DOES NOT MATTER. We will keep removing people from office until they work for us.

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