Republican party seems to find their way to the wrong side of social issues.

                  DOMA has been called a mistake and a bad piece of legislature by Bill Clinton, the president who signed it into law. The American public supports gay marriage, Democrats support it, people in the Republican party support it, but only 3 out of 277 Republican elected representaives support it. Why again does the conservative movement stick with antiquated ideas? Why do they refuse to acknowledge the people?

              The answer to these questions I believe are simple. Look at who and how many contributed to Mitt Romneys campaign. He raised alot of money from alot less people. The answer lies there. It is in the money, the contributors drive these ideals and provide the funds to keep them alive. Without the influx of billionaires money the Republican party would have to adapt and truly change their message. Until the money dries up nothing will change.

            To say people only get married to procreate is ridiculus. How many people get married and dont have children, are you going to revoke their right to marry. Allowing homosexuals to get married will not ruin the institution of marriage, I dont belive it can be ruined. If it could divorce would have finished it off. Please dont bring religion into this, it does not belong there. If you want religion in government, move to Iran and see how you like it there.

                We need to look at this like the civil rights movement. When we look back at segregation and the way African Americans were once treated it makes most of us sick. This is only 45 or 50 years ago. In 1967 the Supreme Court repealed a ban on Interacial Marriages. So there is a precedent set for the Supreme Court to get involved in cases like this.

               Hearing Hillary Clinton, President Obama and Joe Biden come out for gay marriage gives me hope. Many other Democrats also vocally support this. Everyone deserves to be treated equally, we are the United States. I really hope we can get past this bigotry and move forward to real issues. This shouldnt even be an issue.

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