Michele Bachman unethical, who would have thought it.

               Michele Bachman was a rising star in the Tea Party/Republican Party. She came out of no where to win the Iowa straw poll. She won 1 delegate, 1 whole delegate. I personally dont understand how she got any consideration at all. She says some stuff that is not off the cuff but is blatantly stupid. She has given the Democtats some serious ammunition to use against her.
                 Now her fall is almost complete. She is now being investigated by the Office of Congressional Ethics. She is currently hiring lawyers to try to help her save her political career. She has been accused of Federal Campaign Finance Violations. National field coordinator filed a complaint with the OCE allegeing that a consultant from her campaign was paid by money from her PAC.

           Her lawyers released a statement saying “There are currently no allegations that the congresswpman engaged in any wrong doing. We are constructively engaged with the OCE and are confident that at thevend of their review the OCE board will conclude that did not do anything innapropriate.”

              We now know why she was avoiding the press. It is hard to argue with these allegations when they come from her own campaign. If she did break this law she decieved her contributors worse than they were already decieved. Of course everyone will look to kick her when she is down because of how disliked she is. I do not wish bad upon anyone but if anyone deserves this, its Michele Bachman and her nasty comments.

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