Bulgarian Civil Unrest.

                 The Bulgarian government resigned after days of violent protests fuelled by outrage over rising energy costs, corruption and general economic decline in the EUs poorest nation. Tens of thousands of Bulgarians turned out in cities across the nation to protest. They have accused their leaders of having ties to crime and demanded the government resign.

               Bulgarians pledged to blockade the Parliment until their demands were met. The demands relate to not dissolving parliment until it amends the election code. They wanted proportional ballots with unlimited preferences, decreasing the threshold to enter Parliment from 4% to 3%, decreasing the number of signatures to run in an election to 500, decreasing the current amount of required deposit to BGN 1,000 (currently 10,000 BGN), guarantees for equal and free access to public media during election campaigns and a mandatory paid warning for paid media apoearences. They also want a ban on political advertisements in media and allowing debates only, civil quota on the election committees, both on central and the local level. Initially the demonstrators insisted on majority ballots. But instead asked for preferential ballots, which gives voters more options and allows voting for a certain person.

                  A diplomat was appointed as prime minister to lead a caretaker government. U.S. born Marin Raikov, the countrys, ambassador to France, will lead the interim government. His main task will be to maintain stability in this,shaken nation. Their election is sceduled for May 12 and Raikov has promised a fair election and that Bulgaria will stick to its international comittments.

           There were several cases of self immolation in the country. Despite calls for the EU to intervene, it did not. Some experts believe that what has occurred in this poor nation may lead to the EU falling apart. No one can no for sure, but when the people topple a government it deems to be followed by turmoil.

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