Why would New York put a quota on frisking African Americans

              A recording came our this week with a person of rank in the New York police department telling officers to stop and frisk African Americans. The only defense I heard for this is that it helps slow down crime. The officers are not comfortable with this but when speaking to supervisers they were told it came from the top down.

            An alarming statistic is that 90% if the people stopped and frisked in 2011 in New York were African Americans. In 2012 85% of those stopped and frisked were innocent. These statistics are alarming because instead of stopping crime police officers are wasting their time filling a quota. How can you give a police officer a quota for stopping people? Wouldnt you want them to stop people who were doing something wrong.

            It is not just New York that is guilty of this, Louisiana is as well. The Cleveland police department is being sued for using aggressive force. I do believe a police officer has a right to protect themselves, the easiest way to,avoid this issue is to comply with police officers. Resisting arrest gives them an excuse to do these things, not right but they do have a right to protect themselves. But to what extent.

              Police being told to do their job like this sets a horrible example and disenfranchises an entire race of people. It is profiling which I thought was illegal. I am sure it violates Constitutional rights. Why do our rights keep being violated? This the land of the free not a third world police state.

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