Education, the future of our country.

               I live in Pennsylvania, our Governor Tom Corbett has not been kind to our people. He closed down the Adult Basic health care plan, leaving 40,000 working poor with out insurance. He cut spending, yet let Natural Gas Drilling Companied  go without paying any taxes. The taxes collected from these corporations would have made up the education cuts, so they would not be necessary. But he cut education his first 2 years.

            With his cuts to education he placed schools in an unenviable position. They did not have enough teachers. Teachers had to buy their own supplies, many poor families cannot afford to buy supplies. Teachers were teaching classes with as many as 40 students, t
how can you get to every kid. They have cut spanish, library , art and music programs, not in every school but it is being done. They are cutting groups and certain sports. He is promising Pa. schools an extra $1 billion over 4 years to education if he can privatize liquor sales.

             Our whole country is letting our kids down educationally. We consistently score in near the bottom in math and science. Children graduate high school not being able to read or write. We have a shortage of teachers and administrators. Our children deserve better than this.

             Republicans attack programs for the poor, they attack a raise in minimum wage and they attack our educational system. They want to privatize education, I am sorry but we privatized our prisons and they are a mess. I do not want a private company screwing up my kids education for money. Democrats need to stand strong for us, not only is a intellegent voter good for them but it is good for the country. We cannot compete in this world by cutting education. If we were to do anything we should be givimg it more money to give our kids a fighting chance.

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