CPAC a shining example of Republican ignorance.

                 If the Republicans and self styled conservatives were truly serious CPAC would have some different speakers. Chris Christie should be one. He is a Republican governor of a Democrat state, yet he has like 70% approval rating. He attacks Democrats when he believes that they are wrong. Yet he came out in defense of President Obama for his actions on Hurricane Sandy. But no he is not speaking there.

                They get Sarah Palin to speak there. Yes that Sarah Palin! This woman was a Vice Presidential candidate 4 years ago and hasnt done anything since. She comes out calling the president a liar and starts talking about the 2nd Amendment. She talks about Obama and it being a reality TV show. She would know right, she did have her own reality show for 5 minutes. She speaks of rebuilding a country, yet her party put us into the sequester.

            This woman says that President Obama is just making noise. This woman hasnt said anything if interest ever. She talks about 8% unemployment rate,which would be lower if GOP worked with him. She blames Obama for gas prices, which any person knows is Wall Streets fault. But in the eyes of this madwoman it is all on President Obama. The Republican party has done no wrong.

                 The disappointment of CPAC isnt just that it exists, it shows us the Republican party is not serious about helping America. They want to cater to a small radical element of their party. Maybe if the Republican party cared about the people and not the dollar signs we would take them seriously. But I guess its nice to know that all those crazies listen to that one crazy who hasnt done anything if note in 5 years.

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