91% of people support background checks, why arent they passed?

             Today a committee on congress voted on universal background checks to buy guns. There were 18 votes, 10 for Democrats and 8 Republicans. The vote was 10 to 8 down party lines. Not 1 Republican voted for an issue that 91% of Americans support. To quote Rachel Maddow “How does this end for Republucans?”

             This is another case of the people speaking and the Republican party not listening. Again they side with the minority of voters. Again they tell the American people that they, the Republicans, have a better idea and the people should just let them do it. Again they insult the intellegence of the American people. Will they tell us down the line that they supported background checks like they supported VAWA, although none of them voted for it.

            The American people speak the GOP says no, we know better. Then they complain that President Obama doesnt work with them. Get over yourselves! You ignore our voices, try to rob us of our Democratic right to vote, tell us it us good for us when it hurts a good many of us and roll out the same things with different names, how do you expect us to support you. I am a liberal, but I will support a good idea that is for the people not a small portion of the people. Remember the NRA may give you money, but only votes can give you a government office.

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