Science books or guns, South Dakota chooses guns.

              I know we need to stop school shootings, I have 2 kids in school and I am scared. But dont teachers already have enough responsibilty? Why would you give a gun to someone who already has that much on their plate. Have armed guards at stations and silent alarms in each classroom. More guns does not create safety. What if teacher cant get to the gun, what if a kids finds it?

                  Of course the NRA and Republicans will push the more guns idea. The NRA lobbies for the gun industry, more money for them and Republicans have the NRAs gand in their pocket, so more money for them. So think on this, do Republics or the NRA have our childrens best interest in mind?

                 If they did wouldnt they protect education funding, health care and food stamps to ensure our childrens health. These are all things the Sequester cuts, things Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor and John Boehner are for. These people wish to protect the 2nd Amendment as they infringe on our 1st Amendment. They are trying to teach creationism in school, which forces religion on our children. But as always Republicans and the extremist right wing Tea party pick and choose which parts of the Constitution they want to enforce.

            South Dakota said they will arm teachers in school. Where is this money coming from? The education budgets are being cut by Sequester and were already underfunded. Please telk me where the money is coming from? Do they intend to stop teaching science to put guns in classrooms? Which sounds inherently dangerous to me. We need protection from radical elements of our government and the Democrats and the Obama administration need to be our bastion of hope.

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