Sequester or close tax loopholes?

             To me this is an easy question to answer. Get rid of tax loopholes that allow the wealthy & corporations to get out of paying taxes. The Sequestration is easily avoidable if both sides come to the table. Democrats & Obama said they would cut entitlements but Speaker Boehner & Republicans say no to closing loopholes.

             Closing loopholes is technically not a tax hike. It is just removing a slightly legal maneuver no longer legal. How can the Republican party not get on board? It seems to me that they want the Sequester. Speaker Boehner cares more about speakership than governing.

           As easy as this should be, is as hard as the GOP has made every step President Obama has taken. I find it crazy that they are trivializing these cuts. They want more border control yet the positions will be furloughed. Kids will not have headstart or health care. Yet Paul Ryan & Eric Cantor pushed for the Sequester. Education is going to be effected, programs for elderly will not be funded.

              How out of touch does a party have to be to hurt a sluggish economy. Is it the Republican partys hate of Obama that is doing this? I cannot find a logical reason to do this. These cuts are not smart policy. But I guess the Republican party requires you to leave your brains at the door. Sorry just my rant, I am very angry with their actions.

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